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a wooden block with musical notes on it
Sheer brilliance. Use Legos when teaching note values during tin whistle unit.
a person sitting at a table with their hands on the top of a green object
How to Do the Cup Song (with Pictures) - wikiHow
How to Do the Cup Song (with Pictures) - wikiHow
an animated video game with music notes and angry birds in the grass next to each other
Angry Birds (Lectura rítmica)
Angry Birds (Lectura rítmica) - this has given me so many ideas for future versions that I can make in Keynote!
the diagram shows parts of an instrument that are not in use, but on display
Music Label Me! Printouts -
Label the recorder.
worksheet for grade 2 math practice with pictures and words to help students learn how to
Music Math with a WINTER Theme for your students to create and share with their classmates! OR you the teacher could fill in the blanks for the students to complete!
color the notes worksheet with colored pencils
Crescendo Music Education
Crescendo Music Education free download. >>> Great activity to correspond with BOOMWHACKERS. ( Adjust colours as necessary ... ? )
cartoon characters playing musical instruments coloring page
Kids-n-Fun | 62 coloring pages of Musical Instruments
coloring page Musical Instruments
the complete guide to the cup song
The Complete Guide To The Cup Song | Midnight Music
How to do the cup song