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music notes are arranged in the shape of circles with numbers and letters on each side
Células rítmicas: pode ser impressa e distribuida aos estudantes. A professora reproduz e os estudantes terão que identificar auditivamente se aquela foi a célula rítmica dele. Após todos reconhecerem, a turma pode cantar ou reproduzir com percussão corporal, uma a uma as fixas, criando então uma composição só daquela turma.
a person standing in front of a blackboard with glasses
Dedektif Ol! Notaları Yaz.
the music score sheet with musical notes and symbols on it, as well as an image of
the spanish alphabet and numbers for children to learn with their own hands, which are also in
Tablero Percusion corporal
an image of guitar chords for beginners to play on the ukulele keyboard
Aprenda a Tocar Violão Sozinho - Método Fácil e Rápido de Aprender
Descubra como aprender a tocar violão de uma forma rápida e fácil sem sair de casa #tocarviolao #aprenderviolao #violao #comoaprenderviolao #tocarviolaosozinho
the guitar chords are arranged in order to be played on an electric guitar or ukulele
Guitar Chords: the Basics. Everyone loves our little rainbow coloured guitar at Kids' Club! so we made a sheet for little ones to easily learn the basics.
the basic guitar chords for beginners
Basic Guitar Chords for Beginners
printable train worksheet for kids to learn how to draw and color trains
an animated video game showing how to use the hand gestures for halloween decorations and costumes
Ghostbusters Body Percussion