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14 books you'll want to read in one sitting. Add these recommendations to your to-be-read pile!
Paint Chip Color Matching Game...great idea for adults with memory loss due to Alzheimers or other dementia.
My version of Occupational Therapy clothes line for last fieldwork rotation. Pima Medical Institute OTA program. BUE strength, functional reach, reaching over shoulder, activity tolerance, endurance, motor coordination, fm skills, sitting/standing balance, etc. the list goes on! geriatric population.
Hand Strengthening task box: includes hole punch and cards to punch out, therapy putty, clothes pins, bubble pop. Great for OT.
sea turtle coloring page for adults for free download
Get some new ideas with this HUGE list of fine motor activities when working with adults | http://SeniorsFlourish.com #OT #geriatricOT
OT Fine Motor Tools to use as interventions for improving handwriting and dexterity for children or adults.
The Inner Workings Of The Brain: Women Aren’t As Empathetic As Once Thought
voluminosa trenza frente y cola de caballo