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a white bowl filled with vegetable soup on top of a table
200+ Whole Food Plant-Based No-Oil Recipes (Easy!)
200+ Whole Food Plant-Based No-Oil Recipes
Spinach Artichoke Rice with Hot Honey Tofu Vegan Recipes, Veggie Recipes, Vegetarian Dishes, Chicken And Vegetables, Vegetarian, Vegan Dinners, Savory, Plant Based
Spinach Artichoke Rice with Hot Honey Tofu
Spinach Artichoke Rice with Hot Honey Tofu is the perfect weeknight dinner! The rice comes together in one pot with lots of fresh greens and tender artichoke hearts while the tofu soaks up all the flavor from a spicy honey lemon marinade. No pressing—just pan-fry until crisp and serve with a squeeze of lemon juice.
four fried food items stacked on top of each other
Mediterranean Chickpea Burgers (yum!)
grilled eggplant, tomato and rice salad on a plate with a bowl of pesto
Grilled Pesto Zucchini Stuffed with Tomatoes and Orzo.
a pan filled with cooked vegetables on top of a table
Briam:Traditional Greek Roasted Vegetables (Video) | The Mediterranean Dish
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a white plate topped with tofu next to a gold spoon on top of a table
Marinated Tofu Recipe (for the BEST Tofu Flavour!)
crab cakes are stacked on top of each other with the words low carb fritters / pancakes
Cabbage Fritters Aka Cabbage Pancakes | Healthy Taste Of Life
Cabbage fritters, cabbage pancakes or cabbage patties they all have similar ingredients. This cabbage fritter recipe features fresh vegetables battered with egg and a touch of flour, yielding a golden brown top once fried. Flavored with herbs and spices these cabbage fritters can be enjoyed as side dish or appetizer. Serve these vegetable pancakes warm or cold. #cabbagefritters #cabbagepancakes #cabbagepatties #healthy #friedcabbage #cabbageappetizer #Okonomiyaki #vegetablepancakes
a close up of a sandwich on a plate with meat and veggies in it
Vegan Fruit & Nut Chickpea Salad - MBA sahm
there are three patties stacked on top of each other, with broccoli in the middle
Chunky Portabella Mushroom Veggie Burgers
a casserole dish with mushrooms and spinach in it is on instagram
Mushroom, Spinach, and Brown Rice Loaf - Things I Made Today
an iron skillet filled with cooked eggplant and tomato sauce on a table
Turkish Eggplant Dinner Casserole (Imam Bayildi)
This simple baked eggplant casserole is an easy idea for dinner. Known as “Imam bayildi” in Turkey, thinly sliced eggplant combines with canned diced tomatoes, yellow onion, garlic and herbs into a lasagna-like slab. Made using a combination of the stovetop and oven, it’s a deliciously simple, flavorful meal that is also vegan, paleo, gluten-free and dairy-free.
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Vegetarian Grain Bowl Meal Prep | Meal prep a vegetarian option with these vegetarian grain bowls! 😋 FULL RECIPES: | By Goodful - Facebook
Vegetarian Grain Bowl. All vegan except the 1 yogurt dressing.
a white bowl filled with broccoli, carrots and chickpeas covered in dressing
Roasted Chickpea & Veggie Bowl
Roasted Cabbage Steaks