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Aprenda a fazer uma luminária de diamante que é tendência na decoração

40 mm Crystal Sphere Suncatcher Rainbow por CrystalsAndRainbows, €11.30

40 mm Crystal Sphere Suncatcher Rainbow Feng Shui Chakra Window Deco Meditation - Crafting For Ideas

If you've been on Etsy or walked into a West Elm recently you've probably seen these fancy brass hangers around. Here's an easy and cheap way to make one yourself!

These Cheap And Fancy Faux Brass Hangers Will Upgrade Your Space

You hear that? That’s the sound of festivity nigh at hand. And I, for one, am ready to get to decking my halls. But rather than going the traditional route, I’m hankering for a more modern take on holiday decor.

The Orbit Mini Mobile

These gorgeous Himmeli by Hemleva are an elegant year-round addition to any home or office. These geometric Himmeli ornaments can be suspended from the ceiling to float in the breeze, utilized as a ca

Salmiakkihimmeli | Kotivinkki