Old Cloth and Concrete Wash = Flower Pots

Old Cloth and Concrete Wash = Flower Pots

old cloth and concrete wash flower pots - Take an old cloth soak in cement water, drape over a stand and leave in the sun to dry. Paint and you have beautiful plant holders

my home-made. Garden concrete mushrooms

DIY concrete mushrooms: Plastic bowl, large paper cup and Pam! my paycheck will be spent on concrete!

gotta try... What a great idea to set pots in concrete.

Concrete & Terracotta ~ No instructions, but just looking at the photo you can figure it out. make a garden sign out of Hypertufa

Better version of how to Concrete Mushrooms; Ljc's Projects: Garden: Concrete Mushrooms

DIY Cement Mushrooms: The crown is created by digging a hole in the ground and filling w/ cement, the stem is a two-liter drink bottle w/ top + bottom lopped off. Just in case I ever need a cement mushroom.

Cooler Beton Tisch als Ablagefläche. Geht ganz leicht selber zu machen mit DIY Anleitung! Schön rustikal: So einfach geht Deko aus Beton! http://www.gofeminin.de/wohnen/deko-aus-beton-selber-machen-s1528499.html

Rustikal, aber schick! So einfach kannst du Deko aus Beton selber machen

Tässä mainio idea vanhojen kahvikuppien hyötykäyttöön. Idea löytyi Linnea Hjelmin blogista.

Taza de té incrustada en yeso o cemento y una vela dentro - Tea cup embedded in plaster o cement and a candle put inside.