Kaamasen kievari / Tarja Säynäjäkangas

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Kaamanen, Inari, Lapland, Finland
Kaamasen kievari / Tarja Säynäjäkangas
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Finnish sauna

The Finnish sauna (pronounced ‘Sow-na’) is a substantial part of Finnish culture. There are five million inhabitants and over two million saunas in Finland – an average of one per household. For Finnish people the sauna is.

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Group of Siberian Reindeer Photograph by Dean Conger, National Geographic Reindeer cross the Siberian snow near Oymyakon, in the U. A young girl atop one of the animals herds them forward toward her family’s tent and a break for food and rest.


Winter Smiley Face by Roy Green "I couldn't believe the smiley face on this old truck wheel. It formed naturally on it's own after a morning snow. The next day the ice storm of the century hit. I actually took 3 views.

Fly fishing. Photo courtesy of Visit Finland © MEK Finnish Tourist Board.

Photo courtesy of Visit Finland © MEK Finnish Tourist Board.





Beauty of Silence - FINLAND

It's Midsommar in Scandinavia. Finland is known as Land of the Midnight Sun. With the midnight sun anything you can do during the day, you’ll be able to do at night – with a special edge, mind you.

The Four Seasons of Finland

A slideshow of finnish nature during different seasons.