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Aarikka - Christmas : Tähdenlento door/window decoration

This atmospheric Christmas decoration brings a bit of a golden shimmer to the star-filled skies of winter. Designed by Tina Willström.

How to Potty-Train a Guinea Pig

Abyssinian guinea pigs can be bolder, friskier, more playful, louder and more aggressive than other breeds. More about the breads of guinea pigs inside of pin

How to Entertain Your Guinea Pig (with Pictures) - wikiHow. this piggie looks like my pig, Hen-Wen

How to Entertain Your Guinea Pig. Guinea pigs get bored just like any other animal. Therefore, you should find ways to entertain them, such as providing toys and creating a more interesting cage. Also, providing time outside of the cage.

cuuute <3

* * " I notz gonna make a good pet. First chance I getz, I rip dis chain off ands run to de woods where I belongs.