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someone is wearing red socks with white letters on them
Marimekon Unikko villasukat
Marimekon Unikko-kuosiset villasukat Novitan 7-veikka langasta (väri: 644)
a pair of blue socks sitting on top of a bed
Unikko villasukat 7-veljestä langasta
two pairs of white and brown socks on top of a wooden floor, one with an animal pattern
two pairs of blue socks with white flowers on them sitting on top of a bed
Siniset Marimekko Unikko villasukat
Siniset Marimekko Unikko villasukat 7-veikasta
men's size chart for slippers with measurements on the bottom and back side
For fabric shoes, re-covering is an option (sewing skills not necessary).
Diy Clothing, Handicraft, Handcraft, Haken
a cross stitch pattern that looks like an apple
two pairs of black and white knitted socks next to a cross stitch pattern book
Mustavalkoiset Unikkosukat
a cross stitch pattern with black and white squares in the shape of an eight - pointed figure
Marimekon inspiroimat patalaput + ohje
Yoga, Hygge, Crochet Leg Warmers, Knit Leg Warmers
Neulo joogasukat ja ranteenlämmittimet
two pairs of mittens hanging from a clothes line
Norwegermuster – Mit Liebe Selbstgemachtes
two red flowers on a white background cross stitched together in squares, each with an individual's own image
Unikko kuvio neulontakaavio
two pairs of black and white socks with leopard print on them, one is for sale