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Taru Penttilä

Taru Penttilä
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Speech All the Time: Toys I Love for Early Intervention

Professional life I plan to recycle old toys to help the children I work with in speech therapy understand how to say a word and what the word means.

February Feature on Speech Room News: Central Auditory Processing (by Consonantly Speaking)

Speech Room News: February Feature: Auditory Processing. Provide appropriate suggestions for accommodations in the classroom setting.

So, what IS Childhood apraxia of speech (CAS)? The American Speech-language-hearing association defines it as, “…a neurological childhood speech sound disorder in which the precision and co…

After a day of playing outside, it’s getting dark, and I listen to my son and his friend in the backseat of the car as we drive home. Both boys are recovering from childhood apraxia of speech.