Moomin and Snufkin

vederlicht: We interrupt your regularly scheduled Moomins for a new picture of the ever-so-lovely Hachi-san. Their Moomin art is some of the best I know

Little My Line Sticker

Little My may very well be the most obtuse girl in Moominvalley. She's always flitting about causing mischief of one kind or another. Maybe starring in her own set of LINE stickers will soothe her inner rage!

Tove Jansson's The Summer Book

K is for the island of Klovharu. Tove Jansson would have been 100 this week, an event that provoked a huge outpouring of affection. Much of this has to do, of course, with her timeless Moomin stor…

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Moomin Picture Poster 24 x 30 cm Tove Jansson Illustrations Snorkmaiden B/W