Tatu Nykänen
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Keith P Burnett; Oil, Painting "Time and Tide"

Saatchi Online Artist: Keith P Burnett; Oil, Painting "Time and Tide" purple sky.

Hiroshi Yoshida. Obatan Parrot, 1926

Obatan Parrot, 1926 by Hiroshi Yoshida.

Brad Hook. Encaustic?

Brad Hook, "Cecil", Encaustic Collage, from the "Old News Series"

blastedheath:  syndrome-stendhal Guy Maestri (Australian, b. 1974), Burrawang. Oil on linen, 183 x 152 cm.

© Guy Maestri ~ Guy Maestri Heavy Ground at Olsen Irwin Sydney Australia ~ 13 - 31 March

"Dreaming by jerry8488" Oh man this is fantastic! I LOOOVE the trees, and the composition, and positioning of the floating islands... It's got a touch of nature, and a touch of unrealism, but no humans which is just how I like my fantasy art.

By: Jeremiah Morelli >> I constantly dream of floating islands with trees and lilies.

zipper tree

French artist Benoit Lemoine has created “zipper tape” which allows him to add zippers to objects in public places. Just trying to tidy things up. :) I want some zipper tape!

Jim Skull

Beautiful wire and paper sculpture: Jim Skull (b. New Caledonia) makes Skull sculptures out of many different materials such as Rope, Paper Mache, Beads, Horsehair, etc.

Dong Li-Blackwell - Large scale watercolour painting - the abstract nude NEW

Saatchi Online Artist: Kristina Alisauskaite; Oil, 2012, Painting DONT ASK VIII

Don't ask VIII by Kristina Alisauskaite.

by Masha Knyazeva - popcorn hair

Saatchi Art: Pop-Corny Uncle Washington Photography by Masha Knyazeva-Trotzky