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two cups and saucers are sitting next to each other
octopus clay 🐙
a woman wearing a necklace with a red heart pendant on it's back neck
12 of the most fun, easy Valentine's crafts for kids
clay heart necklace: cool valentine's craft
Dark navy hearts 💕Credits:@veeclaydesign
a person holding a vase with designs on it
PF1 Fine Point Carver
Carving tools for clay, sculpting, sgraffito, mishima and more. Creates crisp lines on pottery with little or no burs and can do both shallow and deep carving. Shared from IG user: [@kathyflres]
a person's hand holding a ceramic ring with a bird design on the front
The Ceramic Gift Guide #5
a hand holding a small white and brown brooch
Pins and Puppets by Georgie Ellen McAusland
a white table topped with lots of blue and white earrings next to a cup filled with coffee
four small wooden houses hanging from strings on a white wall next to a pink wall