Beginning of the school year

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a poster with the words written in different languages, and an image of a pencil
Meidän luokassa
several different colored papers with writing on them
Lukukauden alkuun: kullekin oppilaalle laitetaan pulpetille lappu. Kukin käy kirjoittamassa vuorollaan (esim. siirrytään yksi askel myötäpäivään ringissä) jonkin hyvän asian lapun omistajasta lappuun. Lopulta oppilas valitsee pulpetin nimilappuunsa itse mieluisimman ja osuvimman.
two pages with different types of words and pictures on them, one has question marks
Kiusaamista vai ei?
the words are written in different languages on blue and white paper, with clouds above them
Kalenteri ekassa luokassa. (Tekstit löytyvät minulta sähköisinä, jos joku haluaa.)
the back cover of an open - ended book, with text in english and spanish
Muistilista koulutyön alkuun
a piece of paper with some type of writing on the front and back side of it
Parasta oppimista: yhteisöllisyys, intohimo, merkitys
Little Less, Little Better: Parasta oppimista: yhteisöllisyys, intohimo, merkitys
some type of font that is made out of pixels
Leikkipaikka - Nuortennetti
Tutustumis-, vuorovaikutus- ja nimileikit.
the hands are holding something in each other's palms
the shelves are filled with plastic containers and bins for school lunches, books, and more
Classroom Organization: Tips and Tricks
My name is Catherine, and I am an organization addict. It’s true friends. I love procedures and order and know my classroom runs smoothly because of these things. Today I’m sharing with you how organization helps maximize learning in our classroom and how I maximize my time as a teacher. Now, my room is definitely...
a stack of plastic containers sitting on top of a floor next to a white wall
Start A Fire
Great idea for organizing your resources for the month or theme.
a sign that says look what is happening today on the side of a door with buttons
This is on the whiteboard in my classroom where I write our daily schedule. I found giant 8" Googly eyes and used my Cricut to cut vinyl letters from the Sesame Street Font cartridge. Made by Carrie Freeman
a white board with writing on it that says, am i really done? before you say'n don't ask yourself
Scholastic Teaching Tools | Resources for Teachers
a great anchor chart to put right next to where your students turn in their work!
an image of a bulletin board with the words good morning on it
Classroom Reveal!
morning routine area in a 2nd grade classroom; student mailboxes