Beautiful sauna

Sauna in Ranco / Panorama Arquitectos

Sauna with a view / Lago Ranco, Chile.

scandinavian sauna culture

Scandinavian Sauna Culture

This Swedish bathing pavilion features rough-cut pine walls that are treated with tar, a preservative that yields a time-worn aesthetic. Photo by James Silverman. This originally appeared in Modern Wood Pavilion Joins Home.

Finnish Sauna

In Finland saunas are a way of life. In a country of roughly 5 million people you will find million saunas.

Vasta vai vihta?/Birch whisk used in sauna    Toivakka    Kuva/Photo: Maalla / Hanna-Kaisa Hämäläinen

/Birch whisk used in sauna Toivakka Kuva/Photo: Maalla…

What you use in a finish sauna.  I remember Grandma using tree branches with leaves.

A traditional Finnish way to improve your health! Get a sauna, and gently beat your friends with branches of a birch tree!


The traditional 'vasta' (birch branches), 'kiulu' (wooden bucket) and linen to sit on, natural soap and a lantern to light up the path to the sauna in the darkness ;

Finnish Sauna

Water Bucket, ladle and Vihta / Vasta in sauna. Vihta or Vasta is in english birch whisk used in sauna. The use of Vihta or Vasta is slap repeatedly our bodies. That aids your circulatory system, cleans and refresh your skin and it& also like a massage.


That's quite a cool idea, to have different coloured wood on the sauna walls. But then it would need decent lighting .


light captures very nicely the mood of sauna time, summer evening in Finland.


Sauna in Ranco / Panorama Arquitectos

Image 3 of 20 from gallery of Sauna in Ranco / Panorama Arquitectos. Photograph by Panorama

Finnish sauna

Sauna in Pyhajarvi, Finland, Sean Smith / Cabin Porn

// shipping container sauna

Sauna Box This tradtional wood-burning sauna is built into shipping container. The suana box is completely self-sufficient, with solar power and a wood-fired stove. The box comes standad with ipod.


Wooden sauna pail + birch whisk used in sauna.

NuBuiten inpiratie // We love scandinavian sauna culture! Haal nu je eigen sauna in huis

Very Simple Finnish Summerhouse In Black And White

Summer sauna

Summer sauna


Sweet home : Erinevad saunavihad ehk milleks mingi viht hea on.