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Tom Hardy Warrior Tommy Conlon definitely had some anger issues going on.

Love him when he's bulked up with more weight & muscle. But also at his natural weight. He pulls of those looks off & is always smokin hot!

He wears Carhartt, its time to get married!

Tom Hardy as Tommy Conlon in Warrior deleted scene. Wallpaper and background photos of A Rare Tommy Conlon (deleted scene) for fans of Tom Hardy images.

The Cover Shoot: Benedict Cumberbatch Bends Minds

Vanity Fair cover: His obsessive fans have turned Benedict Cumberbatch into “the Internet’s boyfriend,” and next month’s Doctor Strange will only stoke the flame.

Tom Hardy

thas-fandom: “Blag Sophisticated Charm by Tom Hardy, Sarah J. Tom and Jacob trining and selfing! [HQ] blag “Ladies & Gents in the Razor design for the Old London.