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Svalbard (Norway). 'The subpolar archipelago of Svalbard is a true place of the heart. Deliciously remote and yet surprisingly accessible, Svalbard is Europe’s most evocative slice of the polar north and one of the continent’s last great wilderness areas. Shapely peaks, massive ice fields (60% of Svalbard is covered by glaciers) and heart-breakingly beautiful fjords provide the backdrop for a rich array of Arctic wildlife.'

Russian Arctic National Park is a national park of Russia, which was established in June It covers a large and remote area of the Arctic Ocean, the northern part of Novaya Zemlya (Severny Island), and Franz Josef Land.

Svalbard Picture -- Cliff Photo -- National Geographic Photo of the Day

"The high cliffs of Svalbard drop steeply into the sea, the eroded green cliffs, remnant snow and aquamarine sea creating an abstract visual impression." Photo and caption by Stuart Chape / National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest