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The Avro Lancaster was the best and the most famous four-engine bomber British World War II. Born in 1941 as the twin-engine bomber estate failed Avro Manchester.

Russian planes captured by the Finns and repainted in Finnish markings

Captured Soviet fighter planes and bomber at the hangar of an aircraft factory in Tampere.

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Ju-88 in Finland

in Finland, pin by Paolo Marzioli

Mosquito's. Imagine the sound of those six Merlins at full throttle.

DeHavilland Mosquitos, (RAF) I need three

P-38 Lightning (SMILING SHARK)

Lockheed Lightning photo reconnaissance aircraft - "The Florida Gator"

Italian MC.200s

🇬🇧Balkans, Line up of Macchi Mc 200 of the Squadriglia with the typical yellow engine cowling.

War Planes

Assortment of British aircraft, Spitfire, Corsair, Wildcat.

Two Bf-109s in flight during World War II. This plane was also known as a Messerschmitt (hence "Me-109"), but the manufacturer was the Bayerische Flugzeugwerke ("Bavarian Aircraft Works"), hence "Bf-109".

The Messerschmitt Bf sometimes incorrectly called the Me 109 (most often by Allied pilots and aircrew), was a German World War II fighter aircraft.