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This pie is one of my all time favorites, year after year. It’s juicy, tasty and easy to make and everybody loves it! I used SunSpelt spelt whole grain flour that I’d received from them to try out. Spelt gives the crust a nice nutty flavor and a better nutrition profile than regular white wheat flour. […]

This Zucchini Spinach & Feta Cheese Pie is to die for!

new day. new opportunities.

Not everything has to be perfect today you can have days when you feel like shit when you feel strange unsure scared confused and lost - just know that you have tomorrow to pick yourself up again dust yourself off and start over better than before.

If it doesn't open it's not your door. #rulestoliveby

Inspirational Quotes: Guess a lot of doors aren’t for me because I’m that girl that pushes when you’re suppose to pull and vice versa Top Inspirational Quotes Quote Description Guess a lot of doors.

Quotes Of The Day - 12 Pics

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Aging — you can't stop it. Here're 13 birthday quotes that prove getting older is actually AMAZING.