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Norse Goddess Hel, ruler of the underworld, and presided over the spirits of the dead that were not admitted to Valhalla. She was the daughter of Loki... so you're saying he needs a wife to make this happen?

Hel queen of the Underworld in Niflheim. Hel was appointed by the god Odin as ruler of a realm of the same name. It is said that Hel is one of the three abominable children sired by Loki. Loki also has a son who Odin cares for in Asgard.

Norse Mythology, Loki's Daughter, Hel

Scandinavian Mythology - Goddesses of the North: Hel. She who presides over the realm of the Hel (Helheim), where she receives those who die of illness or old age. By Anna Novikova

Deity of the Day for Thursday, April 14th is Hel, Ruler of Helheim | Witches Of The Craft®

The Goddess Hel of Norse Mythology - is the Norse goddess of the dead, ruler of the nine worlds of the Land of Mist, Niflheim or Niflhel, located in the far north-- a cold, damp place that is home to frost giants and dwarves.