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Teemu Mäenpää
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The Galaxy  by Mike Gottschalk  Art Print / MEDIUM (Gallery) (17" x 23")    $33.00

The Milky Way - Space. Our entire solar system in this little dot of the Milky Way galaxy. There are around stars in the Milky Way galaxy alone. Each star having possibly one or more planets in orbit.

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Our Milky Way Galaxy: A Traveler's Guide (Infographic) Our home in space is a vast galaxy containing 400 billion suns, at least that many planets, and a black hole at the center.

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As the edge of the moon touched the top of the waterfall the cascade turned the color of the pale yellow moon. Slowly the light touched the river and began to flow down the river. He watched, pensive, as his cloak flapped int he light breeze.

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Milky Way over Lake Titicaca, Peru--- need to go there what a sight. when you go take me with you Amen the Lake Titicaca is the most beautiful place on the planet Dear Sweet Earth I love you and Jesus Christ that made you. Praise you Lord God