.Available in SL,Mesh Rogue Coats in a variety of colors and matching Mesh Rogue Boots.

i think every nerdy girl has the fantasy of an outfit consisting of leather pants, a flowing coat and then kicking some major ass.YUP I'M A NERDY GIRL!

Madbox cover

Usually posted by skinny, feeble, weaklings. Usually with a small dick and a big ego.

Watercolor Orca and Girl Painting - Print titled, "Poseidon's Touch", Orca Whale, Beach Decor, Whale Nursery, Whale Art, Whale Print, Orcas by TheColorfulCatStudio on Etsy https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/398685619/watercolor-orca-and-girl-painting-print

Orca Painting, Watercolor Painting, Whale Painting, Orca and Girl, Killer Whale, Whale Nursery, Whale Print, Print titled,"Poseidon's Touch"

Mad Hatter...yet elegant something....

Bridal Black - back wedding hat; black sinamay Victorian Riding Hat Lov this not sure about the veil tho

The "Aviator Look" is another popular dieselpunk motif, a bit grubbier, but incorporating a few fantasy elements.

Diesel Punk Elf Fantasyfair Arcen 2011 Photo by: Adrie de Keizer My costume, Hair & Make-up styled by me Melchior's costume by himself

Visions of the future in Steampunk Digital & Traditional Art. To see more art and information about Didier Graffet click the image.

Visions of the future in Steampunk Digital & Traditional Art