Diiva-glassware by Markku Salo. Handmade, stillmold blown.

Markku Salo - Available: serial production Diiva-glassware. Left: decanter, white wine and red wine. Right: beer (left), water and shot.


Harri Koskinen's objects have attracted considerable international interest. The Lantern candleholder is a light sculpture designed with clear and clean lines. The reflections of the candle inside the mouth-blown glass create an illusion of light floating

Aino Aalto, picher – Iittala, Finland

Pichet Aino Aalto – Iitala

iittala Toikka Black Phoebe FinnFest 2012 Bird #pintofinn

iittala Toikka Black Phoebe FinnFest 2012 Bird A throwback to the starting years of the iittala bird collection, this limited edition Black Phoebe flycatcher by Oiva Toikka is designed especially for FinnFest Featuring a base color of glossy.