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Eventually in every home brewer’s career, they hit a point when they grow tired of brewing only ales and want to try their hand at brewing lager. Unfortunately, challenges with temperature control can make this difficult, but the key to successfully brewing lager is simply knowing when it is okay …

Lagering beer at home is more difficult than many assume. Our guide helps you learn the best methods of lagering, so you can create a lager worth the work.

Scottish heavy ale recipe

This edition's Homebrew Recipe features a wee heavy Scotch Ale that's produced via cool fermentation and isn't to be confused with its lighter Scottish cousin.

La Gargouille Dubbel Recipe Primary

This Belgian dubbel, provided by Andy Mitchell of New Belgium Brewery, has an aroma of toasty malt with dried dark fruit and background subtle clove and pepper phenols.


All Grain Double Brown Oatmeal Rye Beer Recipe. Rich brown in color with a creamy mouthfeel and smooth flavors of chocolate, rye, toasted malt, and earthy hops.

"German" IPA Beer Recipe (All-Grain & Partial Mash) | E. C. Kraus Homebrewing Blog

One of the fun things about homebrewing is mashing together different beer styles and creating something altogether new. After trying a “German IPA” at a brewpub in Atlanta, I knew I had to give it a shot. The beer had … Continue reading →

Ray Leeota's Freezer Cleaner Extra Pale Ale: 10 Award-Winning Home Brew Recipes

Brewers: Ray Girard and Lee Jacobson Style: American pale ale Competition results: First place in the American ale category at the 2010 Hudson Valley Homebrew Competition All-grain recipe,

Design a Beer Recipe in 10 Steps | The Mad Fermentationist - Homebrewing Blog

Too many homebrewers are overwhelmed by recipe design and as a result stick to kits. While kits can produce solid beers, writing your own re.