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a glass table topped with lots of bottles and glasses on top of a red rug
Mesa de motor
Ford 350 v8
Resin, Outdoor, Diy, Hunting, Crafts, Collection, Etsy, Handmade, Bullets
three men standing next to each other in front of a dark background with one pointing at the camera
the engine block is sitting on top of a glass table with blue light underneath it
My Project Rover V8 Coffee Table
a batman mask sitting on top of a counter next to a cup and knife with the words i don't have social skills
Real (I’m losing my mind)
two men sitting next to each other posing for the camera with their fingers in the air
Emo Style, Mode Wanita, Girl Outfits, Pose, Giyim, Emo, Emo Outfits, Cute Outfits, Cool Outfits
a police car parked on the side of a road next to a person eating food
a batman saying that teachers why do you fall asleep in class literally me all night
Punk, Punk Rock, Skull Hand, Gothic Rings, Finger, Styl, Collier, Bling
a glass table with blue lights on it in front of a white couch and wall
DIY wheel table
Pretty easy to do at home, no special tools needed. Cost 100 euros