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Areas ceded by Finland to the Soviet Union after the Winter War in 1940 and the Continuation War in The Porkkala land lease was returned to Finland in Finland covered an area of approximately sq mi) before the handover

Finlandia - A "real" country for only just over 100 years . . . but a culture for ??? long

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of December in the midst of the October Revolution in Russia, Finland carves itself out of the chaos and declares independence. The Finnish Maiden by an unknown artist, 1906

Finland / Suomi

Coat of arms of Finland. The coat of arms of Finland is a crowned lion on a red field, the right foreleg replaced with an armoured hand brandishing a sword, trampling on a sabre with the hindpaws. The coat of arms was originally created around the year

Valmetin pienoiskiväärin mainos vuodelta 1952

Valmetin pienoiskiväärin mainos vuodelta 1952

Koko Suomen kartta vuodesta 1920

Koko Suomen kartta vuodesta 1920

Karjalan lasten aapinen* KUVA - Penttilä Aarni - 60,00 EUR ...

Old Finnish schoolbook for learning the alphabet.

Paavo Nurmi, 9 x Olympic gold medalist(1920-28) in the Helsinki Olympic Games poster.

Official Poster of the 1952 Olympic Games in Helsinki, 'XVth Olympic Games, Helsinki Finland, - artwork by Finnish artist Ilmari Sysimetsä showing the legendary Finnish long-distance runner Paavo Nurmi