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Make your own pattern layout in Procreate
Did you know you can create your own layout for your surface pattern designs in Procreate? It's actually quite easy once you know how!
a person holding up a laptop computer with the words make a stitch brush on it
Procreate Stitch Brush — Martian Creations
an image of a drawing with the text, make this dashed line brush tool
Easy Dash Line Brush: Step By Step Procreate Tutorial (with FREE Download)
Squared Monoline Brush Tutorial
a person cutting out paper on top of a tablet with the words, part 1
How to make a Plaid Repeat Pattern in Procreate! || Procreate Surface Pattern
a person using a pen to draw something on a computer screen with the words gingham pattern brush in procreate
Gingham Pattern Brush in Procreate - Custom Brush
Procreate Plaid Brush
Learn illustrator with ease
Flat monoline brush in Procreate #procreatetutorials #procreatebrushes
Border Brush Procreate Tutorial
Outline brush in Procreate #procreatetutorial
Create your own color palette #procreate
Dash Brush Tutorial, Procreate Brush Tutorial , Procreate Tutorials, Digital Art