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a building that has some metal designs on it
15+ Extraordinary Projects to Make with PVC Pipes
Из палочек для мороженого
three giraffes made out of plastic cups sitting on a table next to each other
Awesome DIY Plastic Bottle Planters: 3 Easy Steps
DIY laundry detergent bottle-03
DIY laundry detergent bottle-02
many colorful rocks are arranged together on the ground, with dots and circles painted on them
Stones — Colourful Artistry | Mandala Stones | Elspeth McLean
an assortment of painted rocks sitting on top of a sidewalk next to a garden filled with flowers
Glow in the dark rock art for the garden
there are many different types of lighthouses made out of clay
15 Flower Pot Lighthouse Projects | DIY Clay Pot Lighthouse