Egypt: hieroglyphics for K presentation.print a copy for each student and have them cut out the pictures to spell their names.

ancient egyptian goddesses

Ancient Egyptian goddesses~Bast is the goddess of joy! I knew it! She definitely fills our lives with joy.

Ancient Civilization ideas, lessons, projects, and activities that students love!

Ancient Civilization Activities Your Students Will Love!

A list of some great projects for kids to explore the exciting subject of ancient civilizations! I love how many of these projects let students tap into their creativity!

Kalevala noin 100 sekunnissa

Tästä kansalliseepoksen tärkeimmät käänteet haltuun, jos on ehtinyt unohtua.

Suomen keskiaikaiset kivilinnat - YouTube

Suomen keskiaikaiset kivilinnat - YouTube

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