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many different pieces of cloth are arranged on a piece of burlly fabric that has been stitched together
cool blog about contemporary embroidery and textile art
the zippered pouch has five small flowers on it
Stashtacular! Projects
adorable twist on ruffles
a bird sitting on top of a tree branch with pink flowers in the background and an orange border around it
an image of a purse with measurements for the bottom and side pieces to cut out
Monedero paatron
a piece of fabric that has been stitched together
debbie lyddon
Textiles Surfaces - fabric & stitch, pattern & textures, raw edges & layering; surface creation inspiration
close up view of an old rug with many different colors and designs on it's surface
Ruth Issett
the table is covered with many different colored scarves on it's long white table cloth
Cecilia Koppmann saves all her tiny scraps of silk, hand-died fabrics, even fancy yarns. Demo in photos: She sandwiches this between two layers of water-soluble stabilizer, sews through all layers to secure the scraps to each other, and then soaks off the stabilizer layers. Think what you could do!
an artistically designed vase with grass and flowers
chocolatefrog - Etsy
innovative textile art by Anne Honeyman - free machine embroidering on soluble fabric
an abstract painting of a tree with brown leaves
an abstract painting with black, white and grey colors on wood paneling that has beads hanging from it
Marshscape Collage
Marshscape Collage #9, Linen, wax, metal, linen thread
an art work with rocks and watercolors on the side of a blue background
made with tyvek and all sorts MORE