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Tessa Tammilehto
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lilaygris: deco/DIY

just use solid wood crate on its end for side tables? put magazine holders in bottom or basket for blankets 38 Adorable White Washed Furniture Pieces For Shabby Chic And Beach Décor

Free printable Mason Jar labels

"Free printable Mason Jar wedding favor and gift labels." I see myself glueing it on everything that has a flat surface.

Pipe legs

At the place of Urbanwoodgoods, you can get the reclaimed wood furniture for the modern home office. Environmental furniture for urban decor and sustainable urban living, custom desk and conference tables, wooden desk, wood desk and planks and much more.

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Clever idea: an old window frame to hang flower pots from. There are loads of ideas for old window frames and even old doors.

17 Easy and Cheap Curb Appeal Ideas Anyone Can Do

Great idea for curb appeal. Make a plant tower and add your house number on the bottom pot. Great idea for curb appeal. Make a plant tower and add…

Forks, wine corks, and twine = garden markers

Artsy VaVa: Fork & Cork Plant Markers - Wonderful idea for all the garage sale forks I have bought.not to mention all those wine corks.

NYC. Traffic rush hour in Manhattan // Flickr by Eric Demarcq

The ubiquitous yellow taxicabs of New York City USA

The blankets on ladder idea is beautiful. I would do this with my copper rung ladder.

The best cashmere throw EVER. The Future Perfect

Ladder idea

Not a Fan of the Ladder-Turned Magazine Rack, Simply B/c the Ladder-Turned Blanket Holder is Just Soo Much More Cozy. But, Love this Layout: Upcycled Ladder Plus Crates (or Suitcases), Flowers, Decor.

U našem -Salonu lepih ogledala- www.blesicart.info/akcije možete kupti ovakvo ogledalo na AKCIJI dimenzije 100x50cm po ceni 2200din u zlatnoj,srebrnoj,sedefastobeloj boji!

this would actually be a really fun idea to bring light into the space. a ladder could go against the wall where the metal desk is now with string lights. it would be nice to see walking into the room from the hallway