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Viking 'Ringerike' Trefoil Mount/Brooch. Copper alloy, 13.47 grams; 55.38 mm. Late 10th - 11th Century CE. Found in Yorkshire in 1976. Not really a brooch (see the URL in the comment below) but a strap distributor of the trefoil shape.

Viking 'Ringerike' Trefoil Copper alloy, In the centre is a Dragon's head facing right, with its long ribbon body entwining and interlacing around its self to make this wonderful 'Ringerike' decoration.

Norse wire trim- - Posaments and jewellery - Birka replicas and variations

Eight-shaped decorative knot band originally made from double-running silver spiral filament. Replica manufactured from simple silver filament. Note the "rectangular" turtle brooches!