from Pitfield London's Klaus Haapaniemi exhibition, as published in Architectural Digest

powerful prints / sfgirlbybay - Klaus Haapaniemi wallpaper at pitfield london via architectural digest.

klaus haapaniemi x iittalia ceramics

Green cat jar Not sure if the cat itself is for sale. This is a gorgeous cat.

Klaus Haapaniemi

i have been hooked on and mesmerized by finnish illustrator/decorator klaus haapaniemi for quite some time, but after i first saw his line o.

Klaus Haapaniemi

For the cell phone, design by Klaus Haapaniemi Rabbit and trees

Tanssi wall plate by Iittala is a fun and different decoration to hang on your wall. The plates are designed by Klaus Haapaniemi and have illustrated motives with different characters inspired by the Czech opera The Cunning Little Vixen. The story explores the co-existence of animals and humans and the wall plates portraits the colorful inhabitants of the mystical forest. Choose your favorite!

Tanssi wall plate from Iittala by Klaus Haapaniemi

Klaus Haapaniemi - Tanssi tyynynpäällinen, valkoinen

Klaus Haapaniemi's new tableware and interior textile collection Tanssi (Dance) by Iittala

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