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an old wooden gate with vines growing over it and flowers on the fence, in front of some trees
a rabbit sitting next to some flowers in buckets on the side of a wooden fence
Ingela on Instagram: “Ett litet stilleben i min trädgård. En gammal gärdesgård som använts som rekvisita. Gamla mjölkkrukor och en kolhämtare samt en gammal…”
a table and chairs in the middle of a garden at night with lights shining on them
a garden with white flowers growing on the side of it and a wooden trellis
two wooden raised beds with plants in them on the grass next to a wood fence
Trellis for the garden
an outdoor garden with lots of plants and lights
Jennie förvandlade kal yta till färgsprakande trädgård
several wooden raised garden beds with fencing around them and dirt on the ground in front