Blumenstrauß für die Hochzeit in zarte Farben | Patricia and Philip's Beautiful Olde Bell Wedding by Dasha Caffrey | | #Flowers #Wedding

Gold & Glitter Glam: Patricia + Philip's Barge Wedding

To me it looks a little fallish, with the soft burnt orange color. I love the peach and soft pinks. We have some roses in there, possibly carnations, but what are those yellow ball thingies on the top section of the flowers?


Our current sink situation deserves its time in the spotlight. 🌸 My garden sure knows how to welcome a girl home!


Flowers are a method to let someone understand you care, so it is no wonder that sending out flowers is such a popular method to celebrate events, from the birth of a new baby to Valentine's Day. In truth, flowers are also the top option for letting.

a collection of tea roses in glass perfume bottles

bud vase escort cards I don't like the labels or the vases-but the idea is cute if you put them in separate boho vintage colored vases and have a vintage label tied to it with a ribbon


Paris Photograph - Pale Roses in Paris Flower Market, French Travel Photograph, Large Wall Art, Romantic Home Decor

November is the season to grow your White Peonies - just in time for Summer. Time to start planning your planting ;)

Mixing all white flowers with babies breath and a small amount of delicate greenery makes a beautiful wedding bouquet.