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Visiting the Forgotten Pyramids of Abu Sir - Sailingstone Travel

Abusir Pyramids

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Aerial image of the site where the fourth Pyramid was found

Djedefre Pyramid - Abu Roash

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Unas Pyramid Texts

Pyramids Interior

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A German airplane flies over the Pyramids of Giza, 1915.
Party at the summit of a pyramid, by life magazine, 1940's. : OldSchoolCool

Pyramids Early Photography

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Giza Pyramids

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The bent pyramid has two chambers for two different sounds. It could have been used to create fields of harmonic resonance.
Map. Pirámide de Meidum 28

Pyramids Studies

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Meidum Pyramid

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Imgur: The magic of the Internet
It might not be the prettiest pyramid in Egypt, but it may be the muddiest.

Dahshour Pyramids

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Image from  Egyptian Museum V. Academy of Sciences, Torino, Italy
Pyramidion of king's writer Pauty, Saqqara

Pyramidion of Ancient Egypt

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the inside of an old building with paintings on the walls and ceiling, including a bench
Unas Pyramid Texts
an egyptian pyramid with writing on it in a museum
TORINO: Museo Egizio - by Claudia&Dario - Dicembre 2007 -
Image from Egyptian Museum V. Academy of Sciences, Torino, Italy
an egyptian pyramid with two figures on the front and one in the middle, sitting at a table
Mythical Benben Stone: The Landing Site of Egyptian God Atum
Pyramidion of king's writer Pauty, Saqqara
an old pyramid with egyptian writing on it
Pyramidion, Musée du Louvre
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an egyptian pyramid with pictures on it in a glass case at the british museum, london
an ancient egyptian sculpture on display in front of a gray background
Pyramidion of Ramose,ca 1292-1189 BC. From Deir el Medina, Egypt
the large pyramid is lit up at night
an aerial view of two pyramids in the desert
two people sitting on the edge of a cliff looking at an ancient pyramid in egypt
a close up of the side of a pyramid with rocks on it's sides
The East face of Menkaure's Pyramid with roughly finished casing stones. it is very interesting that these stones are very reminiscent of the stones of Sacsayhuaman -- pillow-like forms as though heated and molded, and with the same protruding knobs on some. Why can't Egyptologists see this evidence right before their eyes?
an airplane flying over some pyramids in the middle of the desert with other structures around it
A German airplane flies over the Pyramids of Giza, 1915.
an aerial view of some buildings in the middle of nowhere, with a plane flying over them
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