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10 Ways To Declutter Your Mind - Do you ever feel overwhelmed, stressed and unable to focus or make decisions. Chances are your mind is too cluttered. Here are 10 simple ways to clear up your mind and find your inner zen.

10 Ways To Declutter Your Mind. Decluttering your mind is a great way to avoid getting stressed out. By making sure that your workspace is clean and organized really helps me feel less stressed, for me, it's impossible to work in a messy environment.

“The Lord wants to take us out of this terrible turmoil of life. That is the only thing He desires for us. For He loves each one of us. He does not want us to suffer. His interest in our salvation is personal, and full of mercy.” Quote of Paramhansa Yogananda from the book "The Essence of Self-realization" of Swami Kriyananda. #yogananda

Master was driving with friends in Bengal and saw a mango orchard. He had the car stopped to eat some mangoes."How I have missed this fruit in the West! A Hindu's heaven without mangoes is inconceivable!

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Meditation by Yogananda: "If you retain the joyous aftereffects of meditation throughout the day, or part of the day, you will see that this joy will correctly guide you in everything. Saints are guided by this joy, in the consciousness of which no erroneous actions are possible. Retain the acquired joy of meditation throughout the day." #meditation

An introduction to the life of Paramhansa Yogananda and his spiritual teachings, including meditation and Kriya Yoga.

"It is actually 'will' which maintains our youth and vigour. The body should not dictate its needs to the soul." (by Paramhansa Yogananda).  #yogananda #yoga #soul #spirituality

Yogananda: "Most people hope and try for a while, but if they fail more than a few times they cease to hope and become despondent. The divine man never ceases to hope, for he knows that he has all eternity in which to materialize his dreams.