Water fountains are one of the most effective visual and auditory additions you can add to your space. The sights and sounds of water promote relaxation, help to cleanse the air and make stunning artistic statements that reflect your personal style and taste. The soothing sounds of running water from a fountain create a tranquil backdrop for your family room, office, or bedroom.

The Latest Trends In Modern Water Fountain Design Make Use Of Minimalist Styles and Clean Crisp Materials

The elegant oak benches in the sauna. Tyylikkäät tammilauteet saunassa.

We could mix colors of wood.and create benches more interesting than the standard sauna bench.

Spa and Outdoor Area 'Palais Thermal'

New Spa at Palais Thermal by Kauffmann Theilig & Partner - News - Frameweb

Here are some patients in a sauna. It was once believed that mental illness could be cured by steamed baths. Photo taken around 1910 - Frightening Look At The Old Insane Asylums  Best of Web Shrine

Patients in steam cabinets, 1910 // A Terrifying Asylum Tour Of The Past - Wtf Gallery

Great, modern and really unusual sauna design

Great, modern and really unusual sauna design

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