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an old building with a wooden cross in the middle and another photo of a large brick building behind it
Dare ye visit one of the most haunted hotels in America? Abandoned since 1946, this cursed hotel is believed to be built on a vortex to hell...
an abandoned building surrounded by leaves and trees
North Brother Island Quarantine Zone, New York: quarantine zone, leper colony and centre for drug addicts. Just 350 yards from the crowded tenements of the Bronx, North Brother Island was first employed as a quarantine centre in 1885. Closed in 1963, it is now a haunting labyrinth of crumbling ruins.
there are two benches in the middle of an old building with stone arches and windows
Holyrood (means "Holy Cross") Abbey in Scotland. Reportedly, Robert the Bruce held parliament here. Multiple invading armies damaged the Abbey, which was finally plundered during the Scottish Reformation in 1559. I know it was important to make the point of rejecting wrongful worship, but, couldn't the just put a padlock on the door?
an old abandoned house in the woods surrounded by trees
Urban ruins: 35 hauntingly beautiful photos of abandoned and forgotten hotels
an alley way with grass growing on the ground and brick buildings in the backround
The Ruins of New Slains Castle on the Cliffs of Cruden Bay – Abandoned Playgrounds - Aberdeenshire, Scotland
multiple pictures of the inside of an abandoned building, with columns and arches on each side
abandoned Soviet Railway Station~environmental graffiti reports that this stunningly ornate abandoned railway station dates back to the time of the Russian Empire. Located in the much disputed and conflict-torn region of Abkhazia, the station was once a busy passenger hub but fell into abandonment in 1991 with the fall of the Soviet Union. Many fine features incredibly survive today despite nature’s relentless struggle to reclaim the land.
a giant buddha statue sitting in the middle of a forest next to a cliff face
at an abandoned theme park called Splendid China in Orlando, FL.... i might actually go to FL for this... NAHHH
an aerial view of a boat in the ocean
30 of the most beautiful abandoned places and modern ruins I’ve ever seen. You have got to check out these photos! AMAZING
an old wooden church in the middle of nowhere
Just one of many abandoned Russian villages, scattered across huge Russia. People simply leave for cities where they can earn more, and thousands of Russian wooden architecture masterpieces, sometimes more than 200 years old, stay by their own.
an old set of stairs in the middle of a lush green garden
The artsy-fartsy side of me was like, "oooo this is sooo pretty." And the therapy side of me was like, "OMG someone is going to fall and break their f-ing neck on those stairs." Thanks Therapy for killing all of the joy in my world.
an old building with vines growing on it
33 Amazingly Beautiful Abandoned Buildings
an abandoned church in minnesota exorcises were done here, but when they failed, they locked the victims in the basement
Freaky Places - Haunted Yorkshire. I imagined like Ron burgundy trying to do an exorcist hear for the sake of the newscast, and he gets scared and fails and then gets thrown in the basement saying "stay classy America" to like a grudge looking person xD
an old house with a steeple on the top and a large driveway leading up to it
Whaley House, San Diego, California This two-story, Greek Revival house was built on land that had previously been a cemetery. It was also the site of a hanging.
a man riding a horse down a dirt road in front of a tall building with a clock tower
The beauty of the most haunted and mysterious abandoned amusement parks on Earth
an old building with some stairs in it
Mansion H, Lancashire - August 2012 - Derelict Places. This home was built in 1896. There are many photos of the interior. Amazing.