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an iphone screen with the words libra energy on it and clouds in the background
Libra zodiac
the screen has an image of a woman in a black dress and text that reads scorpio energy
Scorpio zodiac
an mp3 player with the words baddie on it and a photo of a woman in white
Baddie playlist for my baddiess
a woman walking down the street with a skateboard in her hand and another person holding a dog
Skater playlist
Goth Girls, Goth, Goth Girl Aesthetic, Lil Peep Gym Class, Girl
Goth girl playlist
Indie Kids, Indie, Ads, Rae, Conan Gray
Indie kid playlist
Iphone, Spotify Playlist, Song Playlist, Music Mood
Alt girl playlist
an iphone screen with the text grunge aesthetic on it and two people hanging upside down
Grunge playlist
a girl with purple hair and piercings on her face is looking at the camera
E-girl playlist
E-girl playlist for those cute e-girls
an image of a woman with blue hair wearing a face mask
Late night drive playlist
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an image of a person's profile on the phone screen with captioning
Sad playlist
This playlist have edgy sad songs and lot other sad songs too for you. Follow my spotify.