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In the Finnish creation myth the world begins as a vast ocean, upon which floats Ilmatar, the daughter of the sky. She floated alone for centuries, yearning for companionship, until the sea falls in love with her and impregnates her. For centuries more she continued to float along, still pregnant, until she was visited by a sea bird. She allows the bird to create a nest on her knees, where the bird lays an egg. As the bird warmed the egg it became hotter and hotter, until Ilmatar could no…

Hyökkäys (The Attack) by Eetu Isto, Oil on canvas. Finnish National Museum (1905)

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Legend of Kalevala

Luonnotar by Lisa Hunt

Ilmatar. Joseph Alanen. The Kalevala.

"Ilman Impi" by Joseph Alanen (1885-1920)