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basiliq - Everyone loves high quality icons. Even user interface designers, who work with sketches and wireframes. The problem is that popular prototyping tools produce mockups that don't look so great. That's why we've created over three hundred design e

Currently, one of the biggest trends in the web design industry is the flat design style. In case you are not yet familiar with the term, flat design is essentially design without the drop shadows, gradients, and textures that have been common in web design for some time. Flat design uses solid colors and often typography figures prominently into the design.  In this post we'll showcase 33 excellent examples of the flat web design trend. Hopefully they can provide some inspiration that can…

Superior Example of Flat Web Design - Knowing the latest trends in web design is extremely important to the design industry. Check out these awesome websites that feature flat web design.

20 Stunning Mobile App Designs Featuring Graphs & Charts #information #visualization #dashboard

Graphs, charts, and counters don’t take too much space and are able to showcase a lot of information in a briefly form at the same time. It’s really effective