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Love Letters to Venues: Club Space
The stress of work doesn’t exist at Club Space in Miami, but amazing music and even better people do. “You come here to let go,” says Alexis, a Club Space regular who manages a community of around 450 attendees. “There’s no judgment. We’re all here for you. We’re all here to support you.” Whether it’s online or on the dance floor, Alexis finds new connections and friendship through this mecca for electronic music. Presented by DICE
Love Letters to Venues: Saint Vitus
With late night synth parties, film screenings, comedy shows, and even some heavy metal yoga, local photographer Nathaniel sees Saint Vitus as more than a metal club–it’s a space for subcultures that allows its patrons to escape the outside world and just be themselves. “The community that surrounds this place that has enriched my life over the years is like something that I couldn't even have fathomed or dreamed of when I was younger,” he says. Presented by DICE