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lol...if he did, we wouldn't still be married, living together...think about it hun

oh no you didnt matter at all! He used your pathetic life to make him feel sorry for you. he only felt sorry for you then realized he made the biggest mistake of his life and realized you were medically crazy. you looked pathetic trying to hold on

I realise now that you're just not worth it, you never cared and when you realise the love you've lost it'll be too late because you broke me and you won't be the one to put the broken pieces back together, it's not worth the risk

"i don't think you understand. "i would've dropped everything. i would've thrown away my life to be with you.

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I worry about you so much. I hope you're ok. I miss your laugh, listening to you talk in your sleep, and sometimes I can still hear your voice yelling that dinner is ready to me from upstairs. God I love you.