Tiia Niemeläinen

Tiia Niemeläinen

Tiia Niemeläinen
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mystic eye

The cover a book that opens a hole in the universe. Shelved in the Esoteric section of a non-description used book store.

The Land of the Midnight Sun

The land of the midnight sun : summer and winter journeys through Sweden, Norway, Lapland and northern Finland - Digital Collections - UW-Madison Libraries

Alice in Wonderland Alices Adventures In Wonderland Alice in Wonderland 1865 novel by english author Charles Lutwidge Dodgson pseudonym Lewis Carroll

Virginia W. Johnson. The Catskill Fairies (1876)

petitpoulailler: geisterseher: 1876 Virginia W. petitpoulailler: “ geisterseher: 1876 Virginia W. Johnson American author, ~ The Catskill Fairies ”