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Doctor Who Matt Smith Eleventh Doctor dancing. Not the "drunk giraffe", but equally awkward. Love it.

His legs defy the laws of physics // 11 Reasons Matt Smith Is Cooler Than You

Doctor Who - Matt Smith. This .gif makes me smile.

(Gif) Doctor Who - Matt Smith. He never gets tired of impressing Clara. Ugh this man is perfect.<----- why is this gif so entertaining

Will Matt Smith Be the Last "Doctor Who"?

Matt Smith, of Doctor Who, "Bow ties are cool." Get your own Doctor Who bow tie at Reiser creations on Etsy!

"Halloween Night (a doctor who fanfiction)" by HarleyQuinn11 - "The doctor and…

'Harry Potter' Director To Helm 'Doctor Who' Movie. A Doctor Who MOVIE! Not sure how i feel about this.other than nervous.

The XV Doctor Remembers..

Daily Doctor - God Complex - "I've never been threatened with a chair leg before. Hang on. I tell a lie." - The Doctor

Thank you, Matt Smith, for being the my first doctor; The Doctor who made me fall in love with The Doctor.

Thank you Matt Smith for being a little boy, and more than 600 years old at the same time. You were a perfect doctor. :) I will miss you.

This has to be the single most adorable picture of Matt that ever was. <---Agreed!

BBC One - Doctor Who, Series Flesh and Stone , Flesh and Stone: Behind the Scenes Matt