LOVE this idea! Am going to do it with each of my classes before the end of the year.

Year-End Activity: Career Photo Collage

End of the year gift or yearbook idea -Class photo collage of their potential professions.


Не выбрасывайте старые джинсы!!!

How to Make Floating Pearl Necklace with Simple Knotting Techniques -

This DIY jewelry tutorial is going to show you how to make four-colored floating pearl necklace with simple knotting techniques. by benita

pattern c, via Flickr.

I have made this frock a few times - it has a gorgeous small girl shape. This time I removed the crossover as I have found it gapes a bit. From Japanese pattern book Pattern 'c'.

Kudottu auringonkukka.

Art with Ms. Gram: grade - Weaving flowers Good Springtime project Neat twist on circular weaving projects.

stylish dress book — dress e

stylish dress book — dress e

Stick-Star Garden Mobile - Happy Hooligans

Stick-Star Garden Mobile - Fun & Easy Nature Craft for Kids

Spray paint gold for anniversary decor. With sticks from the garden and scraps of yarn, kids can make this colourful star-stick mobile to hang from your porch, patio or a tree in your backyard.