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a book laying on top of a bed covered in white sheets with the title'the power of letting go '
The Real Life Serena Van Der Woodsen
someone holding up a book in their hand with the caption, this book could have changed my life if i had read it in my early 20s
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the most powerful woman in the room is you by lydia fenet book review
the words you should know to sound smart by robert w bly
a cell phone with the words how to manage your money when you don't have any
Unlock the Secrets to Financial Freedom with Top Money-Saving Books
a woman is holding a book about how to heal from disluting or self - involved parents
a person holding up a book with an orange nail polish on it's finger
the only study guide you'll ever need by jade bowler is on display
the book boundaries is being held up by someone's hand with a pencil sticking out of it