Oppilailla on omalla nimellään varustettu pyykkipoika,jonottamisen sijaan he tuovat sen open pöydälle ja opettaja voi kutsua oppilaan, kun hänen vuoronsa tulee.

dislike having long lines of students waiting for me to edit their papers, I have them put their numbered clothespins on my clipboard so that I'll know who is ready to go. This would also be great for students waiting to take AR tests!

Kindergarten Patterns Worksheets: Pattern Practice!

Pattern Practice!

Shapes, patterns and counting, oh my! Strengthen your child's math skills with these worksheets that cover basic building blocks.

"Catch a Feeling." http://pamdyson.blogspot.com/2011/03/catch-feeling.html

Toss the ball to a child. When he/she catches it have him/her identify the feeling face under one of his/her hands. He/she can also share a time when he/she experienced that feeling. It's a simple and fun way to teach kids about feelings!

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