by Tove Jansson

Tove Jansson, The Hunting of the Snark As a kid, I was simultaneously fascinated and scared by the moomins.

Snufkin and Moomin

Image brown_hair bucket clouds fishing_pole hat hatihamu_(artist) moomins moomintroll outside short_hair sky snufkin waving

Pikku Myy

Dreams exist just because - we wouldn't become adult - Pikku Myy

Mansikkamäki: Muumitalon kokoaminen

Moomin gingerbread house with Hattifatteners! Keep going higher and it can be turned into a lighthouse!

"A little refreshing excursion is always right". Snufkin and Moomin from The Moomin. One of my fav tv series as a kid :) and I still like them :)

Pikku Myy

This girl isn't afraid of anything, only gliding to new challenges with speed!



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